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The role of parents and coaches in shaping a young athlete's journey is undeniably crucial. Their support, guidance, and management of their own emotions are key factors that can significantly impact an athlete's development and performance.


It is essential to understand the challenges that can arise when these roles are not managed effectively and how to navigate them for the athlete's benefit.

Sideline promotes the 'how to' for coaches and supporters to help young athletes be the best that they can be. It isn't just technical support; it is a holistic model that helps young people succeed.

The Sideline workshop has been designed to help supporters and coaches understand a young athletes experience and ideal support model, the challenges that come with being a supporter of an athlete and tools to assist the journey.

Basketball Coach

Topics Covered

  • The athletes experience

  • Beneficial support models

  • What drives actions and behaviours

  • Mindset and mood management

  • Tools for Change


Natalie Burton

Natalie Burton

Luke O'Keefe

Luke O'Keefe
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Nat is an accomplished professional basketball player and coach with over 18 years of lived experience in a high-performance sporting environment. Throughout her career she has played in NCAA Division 1 college, the WNBL, France, and Germany. During this time, she also represented her country for 4 years with the Australian Opals Women’s Basketball Team, where she competed in the 2014 World Championships, winning a bronze medal, and the 2016 Rio Olympics.


Fuelled by her experience navigating the highs and lows of elite sport, and her passion for helping athletes, Nat works as a performance & mind-set consultant, mentor, coach and speaker through her athlete wellbeing business; Enriched Athletes.

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Luke is an Ontological trained coaching consultant and business professional, with over 20 years’ experience in leading people locally and internationally.


Through the facilitation of deeper level conversations, he helps people better understand themselves and those around them. This has created opportunities to work with parents, coaches and athletes in sporting communities. Developing leaders and staff members in organisations, and coaching professionals and individuals towards a greater sense of peace and purpose in their lives.

Sidewalk provides coaching, workshops and programs design to assist people prepare to perform. Through developing a deeper understanding of what drives their actions, behaviours and perspectives.

What Our Clients Say


As a club we understand that every individual comes with their own expectations and much of this is transferred onto their child.

We seek to serve our community through invaluable resources like the Sideline Program presented by Luke and Natalie to assist parents in a non-judgemental way to understand themselves better and by doing that support their child better.

Support Your athletes 

Help your athletes to be the best that they can be in a supportive environment for success.


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