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Meet Luke O'Keefe

Luke’s journey into coaching began through his own personal commitment to personal transformation. Discovering the impacts upon his life and those around him through his actions and behaviours, motivated him to begin the journey of inner work. This became a significant period of change as he deeply engaged psychology, Jungian counselling and personal reflection, meditation practises.

The powerful nature of these changes and natural desire to find meaning has led him to deeply believe in the ability to make important shifts in our lives that bring about transformational change.

Following starting several businesses and successfully delivering several high value projects, Luke began to see a pattern of self-awareness as the significant reason for success. It motivated him to investigate and identify where he had supported and mentored people from a young age. He began to see both his purpose and the potential of self-awareness to change lives, communities and the world at large.

He decided to pursue a coaching course that would both provide a personal philosophy to continue deep change in his own life and provide a foundation to support others grow and transform their lives. Luke studied and gained his accreditation in Ontological Coaching and after coaching through work programmes decided to pursue helping others through his own business and Sidewalk was born.


Today, Luke's mission is more than a personal pursuit; it's a commitment to creating opportunities for others to deepen their self-understanding and reframe areas of their lives to experience significant change. His unique search for meaning, and deep love of people makes him a trusted person in helping others achieve peace and purpose in their lives. Through his own commitment to change, Luke has developed a deep belief that self-awareness and supporting processes assist people understand the way their thoughts, emotions and body influence the quality of their lives.

Luke can help you develop awareness to what is influencing your life and discover possibilities and opportunities for change

Luke's Experience 

Luke has spent over a decade working with people from various industries and countries to maximise their performance through self-awareness. This has connected him with leaders, athletes, couples, parents and individuals looking to understand patterns of behaviour and make important shifts to reach their full potential.
He is passionate about working with people to release them from limiting beliefs, helping discover possibilities for change and walking with them towards renewed purpose.   
This experience, combined with his commitment to support and walk alongside people towards transformation, means he uses dependable methods to coach and teach clients towards developing self-understanding, peace, purpose and potential. 
  • 10 yrs. + Managing, Leading, Coaching and Mentoring.
  • BA Hist
  • Grad Dip Theol
  • DIP Ontological Coaching 
  • Cert Counselling
  • Cert Training and Assessment
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