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Self-awareness can change the world

When we look at the world today, we can identify both wonder and challenge present in our communities, wider society, and the global stage. Wherever we turn we can see division and there seems more activity and examples of what separates us than connects us.

Whether it is political, religious, ethnic, race, gender, sexuality, or cultural divides, there is one constant. How we perceive the world is motivated by our inner narratives, needs and concerns - whether we realise it or not. 

World Challenges

It can be natural for us to project our concerns, fears, and desires outwardly. Seeking to be heard and understood. To identify evidence that meets our opinions and therefore seems to protect us. Part of being human is to constantly search for meaning and our place in a wider context. 

Yet its shadow is that we do not turn our gaze towards ourselves and seek to understand what is happening for us inwardly. Rather we endeavour to conform people and spaces to our world view. Seeking to shape and mould reality to how we want it to be. Our truth becomes 'The Truth' and we become less open to different ideas, we lose our curiosity and openness. 

This is the dangerous space where othering begins, where those not aligned to our perspectives become our enemies and our behaviours more prone to emotionally driven activities.

Whether we are a parent, partner, teacher, manager, business executive or a global leader. We are all driven by our inner needs and concerns. If we are unaware of these drivers, we operate unconsciously and pursue to satisfy them without awareness to the impacts upon others. 

Self-awareness can effect change, because it brings to the surface those unconscious motivators of our actions and behaviours. It grants us the opportunity to reflect and identify change. It creates possibility for our personal transformation that changes what we do, when and how we do it.

It shifts us towards personal responsibility. Where we identify what exists within us that needs support or reframing, rather than seeking the world to meet our current perspective.


Self-awareness has the power to change the world if we are willing to live in the curiosity of what can be, both for ourselves and the wider world. To open our hearts and accept that our different perspectives do not have to separate us. We can embrace curiosity and the power of questions. Seeking to understand that if we are operating out of needs and concerns, then other people are to. 

Self-awareness, inner reflection, are not new concepts of our modern age. It is the same offering that great thinkers, spiritual teachers and belief systems have offered to humanity. If we look with fresh eyes, perhaps we will see the possibility for a more connected world will come through our own personal transformation, rather that the world transforming for us. 

This is where the power of self-awareness exists. If we as people pursue the pathway of personal transformation, then our collective choice for change could revolutionise human consciousness.

The journey of self-awareness is an ongoing exploration that I've been committed to for many years, and one that I intend to continue for years to come. Every day brings new experiences and insights, and while there are moments of progress and moments of challenge, I'm grateful for the growth I've experienced along the way. I'm especially thankful for the guidance and support of those who have helped me recognize the value of looking inward and embracing the journey of self-discovery.

At Sidewalk, I have the absolute privilege of walking beside extraordinary people, supporting them on their own journey of self-awareness. If making a shift in this space resonates with you personally, please reach out and let's have a chat. This truly is a life changing and life-giving process.


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